Best 18650 Battery Chargers

Most vapers who work with mods have an interest in finding the best 18650 battery charger. Some mods come with in-built batteries, but many require separately-purchased batteries an offer more overall flexibility and longevity subsequently. However, not all vape charger systems are created equally. Not merely can the prices vary, the charging velocity and the reliability of the chargers may vary substantially.

Locating the best vape electric battery charger means considering various factors including safety, accuracy and just how many batteries it could support. Most chargers do the job well enough for some purposes, but if you need the best charger for 18650 battery mods, listed below are our picks.

Best 4-Bay 18650 Battery Chargers for Vaping

We’ve split this set of the best 18650 electric battery charger alternatives into two groups, one for 2-bay chargers and one for 4-bay chargers. Here are five of the best 4-bay electric battery chargers for vaping for those who have multiple vape units and want to minimize your charging time.

5 – Nitecore D4

Nitecore is an enormous name found in chargers, and many of the greatest 18650 battery chargers found in this list are created by them. The e-cig battery pack charger offers four independent charging bays, so that you can fee multiple batteries (even of different types) simultaneously. When you place a battery, the charger immediately detects the kind of electric battery you have mounted (aside from LiFePO4, that you’ve to choose) and switches to the most appropriate charging mode. It works with most sizes of Li-ion battery – 26650, 22650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 18350, 16340(RCR123), 14500 and 10440 – together with Ni-MH, IMR, LiFePO4 and NiCd options.

The 18650 battery charger has an LCD display to help you start to see the charging status of each battery you have installed, and if any have finished charging. The charging speed isn’t as substantial as some of the options upon this best vape battery charger list, at 375 mA (i.e. 0.375 A) for four batteries simultaneously charging and 750 mA (0.75 A) for two batteries. It does have all of the expected security features, though, with invert polarity, overheating security, and over-charge protection.

4 – Efest Lush Q4

This product is in the running for the title of best charger for 18650 battery mods because of its fast-charging, nice design and affordable price. The Q4 includes a simple, no-button design, and possesses four independent battery bays which you can use to charge a multitude of vaping batteries. These include 18500, 18650, 22650 and 26650, together with a great many other sizes, both Li-ion and LiMn. The display is relatively simple – with each simply informing you if the slot is certainly charging – but this helps it be convenient to get the main element information at-a-glance.

If you’re charging 3 or 4 batteries, the Lush Q4 operates at 0.5 A, with 1 A charging for just two batteries and 2 A charging for an individual battery. These configurations are automatic, though, which means you can’t choose to demand at a slower fee without charging much more batteries simultaneously. It automatically stops charging whenever your battery reaches 4.2 V, and has reverse polarity, over-voltage and short-circuit safeguard.

3 – Xtar VP4

The VP4 from Xtar is an established charger with four independent bays that works with a huge selection of lithium ion battery packs. In addition to being among the top-rated 18650 battery charger units, in addition, it supports 18350, 18500, 22650, 26650 and many other sizes of electric battery (although others aren’t commonly used for vaping). This implies you can utilize it as a vape electric battery charger for any size of battery you’ll come across when you’re vaping.

It has an LCD display display screen which shows data for the charging position of each battery you have loaded up. It can charge four batteries concurrently at 0.25 or 0.5 A, or two battery packs at 1 A, with the outer bays offering faster charging. You will find a precision cut-off to make sure your batteries aren’t billed to over 4.2 V, it could awaken ‘sleeping’ or over-discharged battery packs, and has a lot of safety features like reverse polarity and brief circuit protection. Various other units upon this list have significantly more features, but the VP4 gives everything you’ll dependence on most purposes.

2 – Efest LUC V4

Efest’s LUC V4 is a fairly basic-looking but still effective entrant on to this list, with four independent bays and support for some Li-ion and LiMn batteries. Together with 18650 batteries, in addition, it supports 10440, 14500, 14650, 18500, 17670, 18700, 26500 and 26650 electric battery sizes. The charger can be features a USB charging port, which isn’t especially important but is a good extra for charging your smartphone or other devices. It includes a display that shows each battery’s charge level, and will charge at 0.5, one or two 2 A (with the fastest speed only available when charging two 26650 or 25550 batteries).

This Efest 18650 charger has protections against overcharging, short circuits and reverse polarity, and it works extremely well to revive any battery packs still at 0.6 V or more. The vape charger gives pretty much everything you need from an 18650 charger.

1 – Nitecore i4 Intellicharger

The i4 Intellicharger from Nitecore strikes an excellent balance between low price and excellent performance, which earns it our pick as the best vape battery charger in the category. The unit has four independently-controlled bays, and it immediately detects the electric battery you have installed and chooses the most likely charging method. It’s appropriate for all of the electric battery sizes you may need for vaping – including 18350, 18490, 18650, 22650 and 26650 – and more, and helps Li-ion, IMR, LiFePO4, NiCd and Ni-MH batteries.

The e-cig battery charger works at unique speeds depending on just how many batteries you’re charging simultaneously. For four battery packs, it works at 375 mA (0.375 A), for two it runs at 750 mA (0.75 A) and for an individual battery pack it works at up to at least one 1.5 A. There are three LED indicators to show the charge level of the electric battery in each slot. As you’re expect, it also features overcharge, brief circuit and invert polarity protection, as well as a feature to avoid charging for excessive levels of period (cutting off at 20 hours).

Best 2-Bay Electric battery Chargers

If you aren’t more likely to have to charge four electric batteries simultaneously, the very best 2-bay battery chargers for vaping offers you more than enough alternatives for charging your battery packs.

5 – Efest Lush Q2

The Lush Q2 may be the smaller version of the Q4 from Efest. While the features are essentially the same as on the bigger unit, it still deserves a mention upon this list of the very best vape electric battery chargers for vapers who can get by with two independent battery bays. Just like the larger variation, it has displays for each and every battery bay, but doesn’t give any indication of fee level until your electric battery is fully-charged. It works with 18500, 18650, 22650 and 26650 vaping battery packs, along with numerous others you’re unlikely to encounter in a mod. It supports Li-ion and LiMn chemistries.

The Lush Q2 charges single battery packs at 2 A and reduces this to at least one 1 A once you have two batteries inserted. This is an extraordinary charge speed for just two batteries, and is among the factors it earns a spot one of the better vape battery charger products. However, like the Q4, this is instantly determined. It features over-charging, invert polarity and brief circuit protection, and will recover batteries with over 0.6 V left in them.

4 – Efest LUC V2

The LUC V2 is a smaller version of the V4 from Efest, and it requires a spot in the very best 18650 battery charger countdown because of its solid collection of features and clear, well-executed screen. It features two independent battery pack bays, with a USB output too in order to fee your cellphone or other machine if you need to. The LCD display shows the current charge level for the electric batteries in each bay, and in addition shows the charging current. The LUC V2 supports virtually all common vaping battery sizes, including 18350, 18500, 18650 and 26650, which makes it suitable for most vapers needs. It supports Li-ion and Li-Mn battery packs.

The LUC V2 charges two batteries simultaneously at either 0.5 or 1 A, which is more than enough for some purposes. It has the standard set of safeness features you’re expect for any device upon this list: over-charging safety, short circuit safety and reverse electric battery polarity protection. Additionally, it may revive battery packs provided the rest of the voltage is at least 0.6 V.

3 – Nitecore i2 Clever Charger

The i2 Intelligent charger from Nitecore is a scaled-down version of the i4, with only two independent bays but yet features that earned the bigger device a spot on this best vape battery charger list. The i2 works together with Li-ion, IMR, Ni-MH, NiCd and LiFePO4 chemistries, and addresses a wide variety of sizes. For an e-cig electric battery charger, the most crucial sizes covered are 18350, 18490, 18650 and 26650, but numerous others work with the i2 as well.

When you’re charging two battery packs simultaneously, the i2 Intelligent charger gets results at 0.5 A, but this increases to 1 1 A when you’re only charging an individual cell. There happen to be LED lights to provide a rough display of your current fee level, with marks for 30%, 80% and 100% charged, and a reddish LED to present a slot charging at 1 A. It could revive low voltage electric batteries, and offers over charge, over time, short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

2 – Xtar VC2 Plus

The VC2 As well as from Xtar makes this list because of its wide compatibility, affordable price and impressive range of features. It provides two independent bays for batteries, and also includes a USB output interface, and can charge other gadgets along with vaping electric batteries. The VC2 plus also works as a electric power bank, that is a really helpful extra feature. Like most of the leading vape electric battery chargers, it quickly recognizes the type of battery you’ve inserted and adjusts its patterns accordingly. It supports virtually any battery you’ll employ for vaping, including 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 22650 and 26650, as well as numerous others including huge 32650 choices. It works extremely well with Li-ion, IMR, INR, NiMH and NiCd electric batteries.

One of the features that puts the VC2 Plus found in the running for the title of best charger for 18650 battery using vapers may be the option of controlling charge quickness. It either gets results at 0.5 or 1 A, which is ideal for vapers looking for a quick fee on multiple electric batteries simultaneously. In addition, it has a countdown timer when you’re charging – together with a precise display of the current charge level – so you know exactly how long it will take. It could revive low-voltage battery packs, and it possesses short circuit, over-charging and invert polarity security. Unlike most options, this is really an 18650 USB charger, which is powered by any regular USB port or wall adapter.

1 – Nitecore SC2

The very best 18650 battery charger in both bay class may be the SC2 from Nitecore. That is especially good in case you have batteries that can cope with high-amp charging, since it works at 3 A with an individual cell. Even so, with two battery packs you can also possess one slot functioning at 3 A and the different working at 2 A, which is specially impressive. This helps it be the best choice for anybody buying fast vape mod battery charger. You can go for your charging speed from 0.5, 1, 2 and 3 A, that is a superb feature that means it is really easy to utilize the charger with any vaping battery pack. Just like the i2 and we4 chargers, the screen uses LED lights to show your charging current and the fee level of your battery.

The SC2 supports a wide variety of sizes of Li-ion, IMR and LiFePO4 electric batteries, including important vaping battery sizes 18350, 18490, 18650, 22650 and 26650, together with many others. It also supports Ni-MH and NiCd batteries which range from AAAA to D. In addition, it includes a USB charging interface that operates at up to 2.1 A of current. It could recover low-voltage battery packs, and has protection for short circuit, invert polarity, over-time and over-charging.

18650 Battery Charger Basics

The lists above give each of the basic data on your own options when you’re seeking to discover the best charger for 18650 electric battery mods, but you might not make certain of the fundamentals of how you should demand your batteries, how to fee safely, or what type of thing you should consider when you’re deciding. This section will provide you with a run-down of the primary things you need to know.

A Charging Guideline for Vapers: How exactly to Charge Your Batteries

If you’re wondering how exactly to charge 18650 electric battery mods, the answer is thankfully lovely simple. Vaping battery packs are really exactly like any other battery – they possess a confident end (that includes a protruding button section) and a negative end (which is totally flat). The great end usually has an indented ring around the tube of the battery too which means this is generally easy to identify.

To charge, remove the battery from your own mod. You don’t gain access to the battery section just as on every mod, but generally speaking there will either be considered a cap to unscrew to receive gain access to or a panel you can take out. When you take away the electric battery, identify the positive and negative ends.

Battery chargers usually are explicitly labeled with a good and a signal for the negative and positive ends. You just insert your electric battery in the right polarity. Don’t worry in the event that you get it wrong, though, great chargers – like all those inside our 18650 vape battery charger lists above – throw up an error message if you put in it the wrong manner around.

Then plug in and activate your vape battery charger. Generally, this is normally all you need to do. The charger identifies which you have a battery inserted, and pieces itself in the correct mode for everything you possess inserted. You won’t encounter vaping batteries with unusual chemistries, thus there is seldom any need to press anything. For instance, if you acquired an LiFePO4 battery, you’re have to press a press button on a Nitecore electric battery charger to place it in the right charging method. But vaping electric batteries are fundamentally all Li-ion, IMR or INR, and that means you won’t should do this.

This is really all you need to know in terms of how exactly to charge a vape battery. Great chargers (like all those in the above list) will at least stop charging and give you an indication when the electric battery is fully charged, and most will give you a continuing indication of the charge level. Simply await it to be totally charged and when you see it’s done, take away the battery or battery packs and re-put in into your mod.

Vape Safety Instruction for Charging a Battery

As long as you buy among the high-quality choices from our set of battery charger models, you’re unlikely to perform into safety concerns when you recharge. Even so, it’s still smart to know the fundamentals of battery charging safe practices. So here’s a short bullet-point vape safety information for charging a battery:

  • Ensure that your charger has over-fee protection. Over-charging your electric batteries regularly will impression its lifespan and may lead to much more serious issues therefore of the strain on the inner components. The best advice is to obtain a battery with over-charge safeguard. Even if you carry out, though, it’s still worth removing your battery packs from charge once you notice they’re done.
  • Don’t leave your electric batteries charging unattended. You’re unlikely to perform into problems with a top quality vape electric battery charger, but it’s still good advice never to leave your battery packs charging unattended. It’s as well better to not really leave them charging overnight.
  • Charge from heat options or flammable resources. Overheating can cause problems with lithium-ion batteries, consequently it’s best to steer clear of charging near heat options or in sunlight. Hold your charger away from flammable materials as well, just in case there is a problem.
  • Examine how quickly your battery pack can charge. Batteries preferably shouldn’t be billed at greater than 0.8C, where 1 C is the capacity of the electric battery. If you have a 2,000 mAh capacity electric battery, it shouldn’t end up being charged at a higher current than 1.6 A. Get out your battery’s potential and multiply it by 0.8 to get this amount (in the example above, 2,000 mAh + C = 1,600 mA = 1.6 A). Technically, lower-speed charging is way better for maintaining electric battery life, so really it’s better to charge at 0.5 C. In this case, multiply the capacity by 0.5 to find the secure charging current. In the case in point above, this would get 2,000 mAh + 0.5 C = 1,000 mA = 1 A.
  • For in-built battery units, utilize the recommended charger. For those who have a vape pen, hookah pen, internal battery mod or a cigalike, using the charger that came with your gadget is the better way to stay safe. The hookah pen charger you get together with your device will certainly be safe, so merely stick with it. Although you can meet the outcome on your initial charger with the result on your own new charger, it’s much easier to just use the manufacturer’s charger when possible.
  • Don’t buy inexpensive chargers. Battery chargers don’t seem to be important, but they are really. Don’t just opt for the cheapest charger you can get. Stick with reliable makers and choose one of the e-cig charger alternatives outlined in the lists above to remain safe.

Choosing Your Vape Electric battery Charger

As long as you stick with a reliable supplier and recommended vape battery chargers, you’re unlikely to perform into concerns when charging your batteries. However, you do need to choose a certain charger somehow, so below are a few general tips for getting the right one to your requirements.

  • 2 bays or 4 bays? Though it might appear like obtaining a charger with an increase of bays is immediately better, if you only have a couple of vape mods, you may be capable to save a bit of money by getting a smaller but nonetheless high-quality charger. However, assuming you have several battery packs and are more likely to get considerably more, 4-bay electric battery chargers (or even bigger ones) don’t price too much more.
  • How quickly does it charge, and does it enable you to choose charging acceleration? Provided your batteries can take the bigger current safely (see the past section for information), the top 18650 electric battery chargers can generally charge at an increased current. Charging much more slowly is generally safer anyway, but if you’re likely to be in a rush obtaining a faster charger is generally better. The very best vape electric battery charger devices offer you a selection of how fast to fee.
  • What exactly are the safe practices features? The very best vape electric battery charger units have a variety of safety features also. The main is over-charge protection, but short circuit protection and reverse polarity safeguard are essential too. There also needs to end up being some venting for heat generated by charging.
  • The facts appropriate for? Although every access on the lists above school as 18650 battery chargers, you might have other sizes of battery as well. Check which battery packs are appropriate for your charger just before making your purchase.
  • Check an 18650 battery charger review before buying. Seeking at specifications and features offers you a broad idea of just what a charger can do, but there is absolutely no substitute for checking an 18650 battery charger assessment for these devices you’re considering prior to buying.

Conclusion: Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Price

Getting a high-quality, safe battery and a high-top quality vape electric battery charger is essential if you’re going to stay safe when you vape. Our best 18650 electric battery charger lists certainly are a great guideline, but if you opt to opt for something up not listed above, make certain it’s high-top quality and not simply something you’re picking up because it’s cheap. Safety ought to be paramount when producing your decision. Don’t worry too much, but understand that it’s not worthwhile cutting corners in terms of chargers.

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