How to charge a vape pen

For a smart device that depends on batteries to function correctly, your vape needs a good charging time to deliver excellent vapour. However, the required charging time for specific mods vary. You must also note that, just like your smartphones and other chargeable devices, charging time varies by how often you use them. As a […]

Best Atomizers And Clearomizers

While sub ohm tanks undoubtedly dominate the market for vaping tanks, many vapers are still on the lookout for the very best atomizer tank and clearomizer. These devices might not provide huge vapor development you get with sub ohm tanks, but with generally extra limited airflow and narrower-bore coils, they are excellent for mouth-to-lung vaping […]

Greatest Rebuildable Atomizers (RDAs and RTAs)

Rebuildable atomizers might require a bit extra work – crafting your coils yourself instead of just simply buying them pre-made – however the benefits to using them far outweigh the expenses from the perspective of several vapers. Not only does picking up some resistance cable – like Kanthal, nickel or titanium – and wicking material […]