Easy Vape Tricks with Juul

Vaping is the new cooling trend, and people are now more attracted to vaping than ever. With the growing interest in vaping, people are learning more tricks to make it look even more refreshing. Blowing O’s and other skills using smoke is not a new trend, and it is being done for centuries and let us be honest, t does look pretty cool. These methods have been used with joints, pipes, cigarettes, and cigars. Smokers have decided to up their game with easy vaping tricks by blowing smoke rings while vaping. If you don’t know anything about tricking while vaping and want to learn about it, we are here to teach you some vape tricks easy and cool.

Top 4 Best Vape Tricks of All-Time

Blow Os

This is probably the most basic and easy vape tricks to blow O’s with smoke, and now it has been upgraded by smoke rings while vaping. These are also the most famous vape tricks, but it will take time and practice for you to master it.


You can blow smoke rings and O’s while vaping by following these steps.

a. Take a pull on your vape and take it to your throat.

b. Your tongue should be at the bottom of your mouth, now make an O shape with your lips.

c. Now push a small amount of vapor out of your mouth by pushing with your throat similar to cough like motion.

Colored Vape Smoke

This is another super cool vape tricks easy and convenient for beginners. You might have never seen a colorful vapor effect, which is now accessible. You can’t say it is an actual trick, but it adds color to every method you perform.


You can get a colorful vapor by following these steps.

a. You can do it in the post-production of a video by adding digital editing effects.

b. On the other hand, a vape mod is known as the ‘sense arrow,’ also features LED lights, which colors your clouds.

This is not only cool but also adds visual value to your vape tricks.

Ghost Inhale

This is our personal favorite, and it is also known as the snap inhale or a mushroom cloud. It is for beginners, and it could be easily performed as compared to other tricks. You can do the ghost inhale trick by using the following method.


a. You need to take a long drag of vapor and then let it stay in your mouth for a few seconds.

b. Now push the vapor, all of it from your mouth in the shape of a sphere, and then quickly inhale it back in.


This is another more straightforward trick for all the beginners out there, and it can be easily mastered. Try this method to blow dragon while vaping.


First, fill up your mouth with a long drag without inhaling it.

Then forcefully exhale from each side of your mouth as well as your nose while the middle of your mouth remains closed.

Try these tricks and let us know how you enjoyed it.


Vaping seems to be taking the world by storm. Some of these vape tricks are quite easy to handle for beginners. As you get more and more advanced however, you can up your vaping game. You can learn more Popular Vaping Tricks for enjoyable vaping experience.

Q&A of Easy Vape Tricks

  1. What is the Easiest Vape Trick?

This ghost trick entails exhaling a cloud of vapour and then rapidly sucking it back in. It is the easiest way for a beginner.

  1. Is it safe to inhale vape?

Vapers produce clouds of vapor by heating e-liquid with an atomizer that houses a small coil, which turns it into the vapor you see. The second hand vaping are not be proven harmful to others by far.

  1. How many puffs a day vape?

The median number of puffs per day was around 140.

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