Smok Scar-18 Mod review

Smok Scar-18 ModThe Scar-18 Mod is a TC mod from the popular manufacturer Smok. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, the Smok Scar-18 Mod can fire up to 230W. The exterior made of Smok Scar-18 Mod is leather and zinc alloy. The ergonomic design makes it perfectly fit in your hand. It is designed for cloud […]

SMOK Scar-P5 Pod Mod Kit Review

The SMOK Scar-P5 Pod Mod Kit is an upgraded version of SMOK Scar P3 Kit, it’s made for both DTL and MTL vaping. It is a very attractive, comfortable, and well-built kit powered by a single 18650 battery and 80W maximum power output. The battery cap is push-pull for easier battery replacement. The SMOK Scar-P5 […]

Vuse Alto Kit Review

Innovative Pod System + Excellent Industrial Design Vaping has become more and more popular as an alternative to tobacco. With so many different products available, finding the one that’s right for you can be a chore. Today we review the Vuse Alto Kit, which is highly commented for its top-notch performance and sound manufacturing. First […]

10 Solutions To A Leaky Vape Tank

Leaky vape tanks have to be the most annoying things vapers have to cope with. A leak can happen anywhere and at any time, departing you with a real mess that you have to clean up. Imagine this – you’re jogging down the street and, finally, there’s nobody behind you in order to use your […]

Best 18650 Battery Chargers

Most vapers who work with mods have an interest in finding the best 18650 battery charger. Some mods come with in-built batteries, but many require separately-purchased batteries an offer more overall flexibility and longevity subsequently. However, not all vape charger systems are created equally. Not merely can the prices vary, the charging velocity and the […]

Best Atomizers And Clearomizers

While sub ohm tanks undoubtedly dominate the market for vaping tanks, many vapers are still on the lookout for the very best atomizer tank and clearomizer. These devices might not provide huge vapor development you get with sub ohm tanks, but with generally extra limited airflow and narrower-bore coils, they are excellent for mouth-to-lung vaping […]

Best Custard E-Juice

Custard is among the most widely loved e-juice flavors, and many mixers have got incorporated the flavor to their juices, but would you it the very best? Vapers looking to discover the best custard e-juice are actually spoilt for decision, with many variants of vanilla custard getting extremely popular, and many e-juices blending the custard […]

Greatest Rebuildable Atomizers (RDAs and RTAs)

Rebuildable atomizers might require a bit extra work – crafting your coils yourself instead of just simply buying them pre-made – however the benefits to using them far outweigh the expenses from the perspective of several vapers. Not only does picking up some resistance cable – like Kanthal, nickel or titanium – and wicking material […]