Performance of Dovpo Topside 90W Squonk Mod

Performance of Dovpo Topside 90W Squonk Mod


Of all the Squonk Mods UK, Dovpo Topside 90W Squonk Mod UK kept fans biting their nails in anticipation since 2017.

Let’s be honest, we can’t blame the vaping community for eagerly waiting for this device. After all, how many times do you see a collaboration that results in innovation that is par excellence?

Dovpo Topside 90W Squonk Mod is a collaborative effort between Dovpo, a vaping giant, and Brian from The Vapor Chronicles.

In our review, we are going to examine the squonk mod and help you decide if Dovpo Topside 90W Squonk Mod has given us a pleasant surprise or let us down.

Let’s get right into what the squonk mod looks like and the features, functions, and performance it offers.

Build Quality & Design

Crafted from high quality, grade-A zinc, Dovpo’s Topside is a bulky and heavy device. However, the slight heaviness gives the mod a premium feel and a solid touch.

From the front, the body may look traditionally rectangular; however, there are contours around the body that endow the device with a beautiful, unorthodox curviness.

With Dovpo Topside 90W Squonk Mod snugged comfortably in your hands, you are sure to stand out from the crowd!

The Most Interesting Catch – Top Filled Squonk Mod

As the world’s first top-filled squonk mod, Dovpo’s Topside has successfully made us marvel at its innovation.

The top filled squonk bottle port, as the name suggests, is placed neatly on top besides the 510-connector. You simply have to follow a few natural steps to fill the topside port.

1) Unscrew the refill cap

2) The refill cap will pop outwards and has to be gently pulled up and off

3) Now you have the port opened and you can fill it with any liquid of your choice

Even if you are filling the port for the first time, you will not face any issue at all. We wish we had had such a simple squonk mod back when we started vaping!

Squonk Bottle Capacity

Normally, you’d find 5ml tanks or bottles. Topside, however, likes standout from the crowd and surprise its fans and critiques. With Dovpo topside 90w squonk mod, you get not just one, but two 10ml squonk bottles. A 10ml squonk bottle is the largest you can get in the market right now.、

Performance of Dovpo Topside 90W Squonk Mod


The battery compartment had the simplest design we have set our eyes upon in a long time. The battery compartment is easy to open and slide the batteries in and out.

Dovpo topside mainly takes a 21700 or 20700 battery but can also function on an 18650 battery with an adapter. Battery timing, hence, is quite impressive.


Similar to a few other mods in the market, Dovpo Topside 90W Squonk Mod offers a plastic screen that is robust, clear, and durable.

Performance of Dovpo Topside 90W Squonk Mod


Dovpo Topside has some crazy, highly functional feature for all vape enthusiasts.

It has an amazing power mode performance and Temperature control mode performance (for the latter mode, you might need to update your firmware).


From the very first draw, as soon as you hit that fire button, you get pure, insane power!

Dovpo Topside 90W squonk mod offers a gorgeous and strong flavour hit, in addition to, large cloud formation.

Even in temperature control mode, it performs like an uncaged beast.

The squonking performance was on par with the mod performance. As you take a draw, you can feel the juice travel effortlessly into the RDA. The internal mechanisms of the squonk are impeccable!

Final Verdict

Dovpo’s Topside is the amalgamation of every vaper’s preferences. It is the closest you can get to “the perfect” squonk mod.
So, if you wish to go for a regulated squonk mod, Dovpo’s Topside Squonk Mod should be the first item in your shopping cart.

Q & A:

  1. What age can you start vaping?

The legal age in most countries to buy e-cigarettes is 18 to 21, depends on different countries.

  1. Can I use a regular tank on a squonk mod?

You have to use an RDA. There are no tanks that can be used with a bottom feeding mod at present, so unless you drip, squonking isn’t for you.

  1. Where is the best online store to buy vape mods in the UK?

Newvaping is a nice choice for you to get vape kits. They merchandise high-quality vape mods for our customers vape better without emptying their wallets and provide the best vape starter kits for new vapers who are looking to enjoy a simple, seamless vaping experience.

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