Vuse Alto Kit Review

Innovative Pod System + Excellent Industrial Design

Vaping has become more and more popular as an alternative to tobacco. With so many different products available, finding the one that’s right for you can be a chore. Today we review the Vuse Alto Kit, which is highly commented for its top-notch performance and sound manufacturing.

First Impression

When we first receive the Vuse Alto Kit, we noticed that there’s lot of subtle detail in the presentation. The kit contains a USB charger, a power unit, and an Original flavor pod. The main Vuse Alto body is beautifully shaped, fitting into your hand like a high-tech stylus. At the base of the pod is the Alto Heat Chamber and the Quick-Connect, a magnetic connector that easily secures it to the power unit.

Build quality and design

The LED embedded in the body is designed to give signals when Alto is working, when you are taking a draw, or when the battery needs to be charged. As for the battery life, the battery of Alto can go for up to all day long without being charged. Moreover, the cord is long enough so that you can hit while charging. The pods have a noticeably well-designed mouthpiece, which is about the size and fit of a normal cigarette.

Pod System

The pod system holds another reason to choose Vuse Alto. The HeatChamber combines a ceramic wick with an alloy heating element that creates high vapor production. Such design is similar with the recent Golden Leaf Awards winner, FEELM. It is claimed to be the first metal film heating technology for pod system. The metal film design creates an extraordinary broad heating surface that can intelligently apply the controlled temperature, which ensures instant vapor production and true flavor. During our test, the Alto provides instant and consistent vapor with true flavor. No leaking, spitting, or popping happens at all.


  • As for the value, Vuse Alto pods contain 1.8mL of liquid, which is slightly more than similar pods from other products in this category.
  • The QuietDraw design makes Alto provide smooth and quiet draw with a comfortable mouthpiece.
  • The plug-and-play design is very user-friendly.
  • The mixed berry flavor is popular, some mentioned that the Alto helped them completely stop smoking.

In summary, the Vuse Alto Kit is overall a great product, surpasses many other vape kits in different ways. If one is looking for an entry-level vape, the Vuse Alto Kit could be a great option. We also recommend it to those who want to quit smoking.

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