What are the main uses of AGV

AGV are being used to transport various kinds of resources, including pallets, rollers, carts, and containers.
They are particularly fitted to:
Production centers, for:
Handling recyclable (paper, steel, rubber, steel, and plastic).
This consists of transporting received materials to the warehouse and delivering materials right to production lines.
Transporting products through the manufacturing process.
AGV let you move goods from the warehouse to development/treatment lines or from one processing area to some other.

Delivering parts and tools.
The transport of done products, which needs gentle managing as the merchandise then heads to customers.
Just as AGVs operate with precisely handled navigation, the chance of harm is reduced to the very least.
Transporting waste materials to recycling centers.
Logistics centers (safe-keeping/distribution) for:
Storing and retrieving items.
Pallet handling is a good repetitive and frequent activity.
AGVs can approach pallets from the palletizer that plans them to the warehouse or perhaps shipping docks.
Quickly loading a trailer.
This is a reasonably new usage of AGVs but is now increasingly popular.
AGVs may take pallets from conveyors or perhaps racks and deliver them to the trailer.
Handling product flow in a warehouse.

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